Ally Gowans encyclopedic site covering all aspects of fly fishing

An excellent site run by Robert White, Guide and boatman on Benchil/Pitlochrie . Covers a variety of aspects, but mainly centred on catches on the beat.

An excellent tackle shop in Wick. Well stocked for fishing and fly tying and run by the knowledgeable Hugo Ross, a font of knowledge on local rivers and lochs

Stocking quality clothing and tackle including Loop and Simms.

Highly recommended repair service. No need to scrap those expensive breathables, or searching for the hole with a torch! Dave will repair at a reasonable price, top quality workmanship giving your waders a new lease of life.
Quick turnaround depending on how busy with good communication.

Grainheadflies, in collaboration with experienced Farnley, River Tyne fishers, has devised two selections of proven fish catchers. One set is of dressed flies, and the other is tube flies. Each set is boxed in a suitable fly box, and the two sets are also available as a combined set in a Richard Wheatley box.